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Main products: polyester, polyether, polycarbonate, silicone, fluorine, wax modified waterborne fat and aromatic anionic and non-ionic polyurethane, silicone fluorine modified, multi special materials copolymerized waterborne acrylic resin, widely used in water-borne ink, leather, printing, coating, textile, water-borne nail polish and other industries.

About SIO New Materials

SIO New Materials focuses on the research and production of special water-based polyurethane resin and water-based acrylic resin. The research and development of special water-based polyurethane resin is led by a team led by a PhD from China University of Science and Technology, and the research and development of special water-based acrylic resin is led by a senior engineer with multiple years of foreign investment background. At the same time, an internship base at a certain university in China has been established, Form a close alliance between industry, academia, and research to effectively transform research/learning.

SIO New Materials is headquartered in Guangzhou, China and has established three standard laboratories for new materials in South China, Guangzhou. At present, the company is at the forefront of China in the fields of water-based nail polish, water-based cigarette package transfer ink, water-based high-strength special polyurethane resin and special modified water-based acrylic acid.

SIO New Materials can specialize in customizing products for customers. We firmly believe that structure determines performance and structure determines application!

Market analysis

As China's economy transitions from a stage of rapid development to a stage of high-quality development, the previous practice of sacrificing the environment for development has gradually been abandoned. The paint industry we are in is even more anxious, and under strict control of VOC emissions, many industries are gradually transitioning from solvent based systems to water-based systems.

The previously huge solvent based market has developed towards water-based development under high-pressure environmental protection, with a huge market capacity. As a pioneer, the headquarters invested a large amount of funds to integrate resources and research and develop water-based polyurethane and water-based acrylic resin as early as 2013. Let's work together to grasp the huge trend of water-based development and create a better home!