Silicone Modified Polyester Resin

  • Model: SIO-G320
  • Type: Silicone Resin
  • Appearance: Clear, transparent, viscous liquid
  • Effective content: 60±2%
  • Color number: ≤1  Fe-Co colorimeter, 50%
  • Viscosity: 1000-2200 MPa.s
  • Acid value: 2-10 MgKOH/g solid
  • Organic silicon content: 35% solid
  • Solvent: PMA/NBA

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SIO-G320 Silicone Modified Polyester Resin

Product Overview

SIO-G320 is a solvent based high-temperature resistant silicone modified polyester resin that can withstand high temperatures of 350℃ for 2 hours. This product has excellent adhesion and solvent resistance, and can be used in external coating fields such as stoves, Small appliance, stoves, etc.

Key Features

  • Can withstand high temperatures of 320℃+
  • High hardness, between 2-3H
  • Excellent adhesion and solvent resistance


Recommended for stoves, Small appliance, stoves, metals and other fields requiring high temperature resistance.

Curing conditions

  • Bake at 200℃ for 60 minutes
  • Bake at 220℃ for 20 minutes
  • Bake at 280℃ for 10 minutes

Safety, Packaging, and Storage

1. Indoor storage, stored in original unopened and undamaged containers, in a cool and ventilated place under dry conditions.

2. Under the above storage conditions, the shelf life is 6 months from the production date. If it exceeds 6 months, it is recommended to conduct a performance evaluation before use and use it all at once after opening.

3. Packaging specification: 200KG iron drum.