Waterborne Epoxy Modified Polyurethane Acrylic UV Resin

  • Model: UV-5014S
  • Type: UV Resin
  • Appearance: White lotion
  • Solid content: 40±1%
  • PH: 3-6
  • Specific gravity (25℃): 1.10 g/cm3
  • Viscosity: <1000 CPS
  • Functionality: 4-6

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UV-5014S Waterborne Epoxy Modified Polyurethane Acrylic UV Resin

Product Overview

UV-5014S is a UV/EB cured waterborne epoxy modified polyurethane acrylate resin with fast curing speed and high chemical resistance of the paint film, making it suitable for hard coatings. This product has low viscosity and is suitable for spray or spray coating process systems.

Key Features

  • Low viscosity
  • High fullness
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Excellent durability
  • Please dilute with deionized water and adjust the pH value using DMEA


Recommended for water-based wood topcoat, plastic paint finish, etc

Safety, Packaging, and Storage

1. This product is not a hazardous material and should be stored indoors in an original unopened and undamaged container at a storage temperature of 4-40 ℃. It should be stored under dry conditions, avoiding direct sunlight and radiation sources, maintaining ventilation, and avoiding contact with acidic or alkaline substances.

2. Under the above storage conditions, the shelf life is 6 months from the production date.

3. 50KG/120KG non recyclable plastic bucket packaging, unprecedentedly unused, requires tightly covering the bucket lid after use.


The toxicological characteristics of this product have not been fully tested to avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. This product has irritating effects on the skin and eyes, and may cause allergic reactions. After use, thoroughly clean, maintain good ventilation, and keep the container closed.