Waterborne Polyurethane Bonding Resin

  • Model: WPU-1322
  • Type: Polyurethane Resin
  • Appearance: Milky white liquid
  • Solid Content: 50±2%
  • PH: 6-9
  • System: Anionic
  • MTTF: 5℃
  • Minimum thermal activation temperature: 45~50℃

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WPU-1322 Waterborne Polyurethane Bonding Resin

Product Overview

WPU-1322 is an anionic aliphatic waterborne polyurethane with a symmetrical structure, suitable for thermal activation bonding. It can bond most natural and synthetic materials (including soft PVC), and is very suitable for thermal activation bonding in fields such as footwear, automobiles, and home appliances. Adding appropriate water dispersed isocyanate curing agent can improve bonding strength, hydrolysis resistance, and heat resistance.

Key Features

  • Outstanding initial viscosity
  • Outstanding final bonding strength
  • Excellent brushing performance
  • Excellent heat and humidity resistance
  • No Toxic heavy metal catalyst, plasticizer and other harmful substances


WPU-1322 is recommended to be used in the fields of thick plate sizing of clothing and shoes, laminating adhesive of various materials such as automobiles and household appliances, and water-based Hot-melt adhesive. If further improvement of water resistance and adhesion is needed, 3-5% isocyanate curing agent can be added.

Safety, Packaging, and Storage

1. Please store in a dark, cool, and dry place at a storage temperature of 5-25 ℃, and keep the packaging intact. The shelf life of this product is 6 months from the date of production. If it exceeds 6 months, it is recommended to determine its performance in the laboratory before use.

2. This product requires strict protection from frost. After opening the packaging, it is recommended to use it all at once.

3. 50KG, 125KG, 1000KG plastic packaging drums