Waterborne Self Crosslinking Acrylic Resin

  • Model: WPA-3941
  • Type: Acrylic Resin
  • Appearance: Milky white semi transparent liquid
  • Solid Content: 35±1%
  • PH: 7-9
  • TG: 40℃
  • Viscosity: 50-800CPS

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WPA-3941 Waterborne Self Crosslinking Acrylic Resin

Product Overview

WPA-3941 is a water-based self crosslinking acrylic resin with excellent physical and chemical resistance, soft but not sticky, and high gloss and transparency.

WPA-3941 can be used for flexographic and gravure printing on polyolefin, polyester, polyamide surface printing inks, aluminum coating, and soft packaging films. This product has excellent adhesion to various packaging films. It can also be used as a printing primer, heat sealing blister adhesive, and molding coating.

Key Features

  • High gloss and transparency, soft but not sticky
  • Excellent adhesion to various thin films


Recommended for surface printing and cigarette packaging, primer for WB, UV and solvent based inks, metallization of polypropylene and polyester films, high-density polyethylene printing, and other fields.

Safety, Packaging, and Storage

1. This product is not a hazardous material and should be stored indoors in an original unopened and undamaged container at a storage temperature of 5-35 ℃ under dry conditions, avoiding direct sunlight and preventing freezing.

2. Under the above storage conditions, the shelf life is 6 months from the production date.

3. 50KG non recyclable plastic drum packaging, unprecedented in incomplete use, requires the lid to be tightly closed after use.