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SIO New Materials Polyurethane Resin Acrylic Resin UV Resin Silicone Resin Manufacturer/Supplier

SIO New Materials helps you overcome technical challenges, achieve better performance, and create more advanced products! Obtain samples for free.

Professional consulting services

SIO New Materials' Engineer team has years of experience in water-based chemicals and is able to quickly and effectively solve your personalized problems. Provide the most suitable product solution for you.

Diversified Waterborne resins categories

Polyester, polyether, polycarbonate type, organic silicon, fluorine, modified water-based fats and aromatic anionic and non ionic polyurethanes, silicone fluorine modified, multi-component special material copolymerization water-based acrylic resin.

Mature industry applications

SIO New Materials products have rich application experience in various fields such as water-based coatings, inks, printing adhesives, sole inks, leather, textiles, etc.

Detailed usage guidelines

SIO New Materials provides detailed product usage guidelines to help you create better finished products.

Strong R&D team

High quality Waterborne resins products are developed by a team led by a senior doctor from the University of Science and Technology of China and a senior engineer with years of foreign investment background.

Integrated solution

SIO New Materials not only provide water-based polyurethane, but also supporting water-based additives, crosslinking agents, curing agents and other products.

Why Choose SIO New Materials

SIO New Materials focusing on the research and production of special water-based polyurethane resin and water-based acrylic resin.

At present, the company is at the forefront of China in the fields of water-based nail polish, water-based cigarette package transfer ink, water-based high-strength special polyurethane resin and special modified water-based acrylic acid.

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Application Area

Different applications require different characteristics, and there is always one specific water-based polyurethane resin that is suitable for you

Polyurethane resin is widely used and a chemical product that has been developed for decades, making a significant contribution to human life. The water-based polyurethane resin has gradually replaced solvent based and become an important direction for the development of the polyurethane industry.

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